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VE Rotary Injection Pumps Camplates 1466110617 Professionnel

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VE Rotary Injection Pumps Camplates 1466110617

as well as optimizing injection timing and quantity for variations in fuel quality, cold starting and so on.

The 3rd generation of Common Rail makes diesel engines even cleaner, more economic, more powerful and quieter.

The key is the innovative injection system: it works with rapid switch, compact piezo-inline injectors.

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Some advanced common rail fuel systems perform as many as five injections per stroke.

The injector of the Common Rail System contains the injection nozzle, an actuator in the case of piezo injectors or a solenoid valve in the case of solenoid injectors plus the hydraulic and electrical connections to trigger the nozzle module. An injector connected to the rail via a short high-pressure line is installed in each engine cylinder