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Fuel Injection Pump Plunger 7N1183 Professionnel

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#Fuel Injection Pump Plunger 7N1183#

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#Fuel Injection Pump Plunger 7N1185#

#Fuel Injection Pump Plunger 1P6400#

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#Fuel Injection Pump Plunger 4N4997#

#Fuel Injection Pump Plunger 1422812#

#Fuel Injection Pump Plunger 170-5181#

#Fuel Injection Pump Plunger 1W6539#

#Fuel Injection Pump Plunger 4P9827

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China-Lutong, a Chinese diesel parts producer, was established in 1982 as China-Lutong Machinery Works Company Limited. The firm initially manufactured fuel injection parts for diesel engines. China-Lutong is one of the chief suppliers of diesel fuel system components in China.

Common Rail is the fuel injection system that meets strict emission regulations. It includes a high-pressure pump, injector, rail, filter and ECU. The current range of China-Lutong parts for diesel engines includes VE distributor pumps and parts, injector nozzles and testing equipments. China-Lutong's line of diesel fuel injection spare parts are available in Distributor Head, Plunger Return Spring, Feed Pump, Plunger Barrel, Drive Shaft, Cam Disk, Delivery Valve, Magnet Valve, Roller Ring, And Yoke. Distributor pumps employ a single injection cylinder operated by an axial cam plate. The fuel from the cylinder is sent to the fuel lines by means of a rotary distribution valve. The distributor pumps are available in VE type.


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