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Delphi diesel Pump Rotor Head 7180-668S Particulier

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#Delphi diesel Pump Rotor Head 7180-647U

#Delphi diesel Pump Rotor Head 7180-655L

#Delphi diesel Pump Rotor Head 7180-668S

#Delphi diesel Pump Rotor Head 7180-668U

#Delphi diesel Pump Rotor Head 7180-668W

#Delphi diesel Pump Rotor Head 7180-698U

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How Diesel engine fuel injector nozzle work?

The injector nozzle is connected to the injector by the lower holder. Some of the injector is connected to the combustion chamber from the engine block as we mentioned earlier. The fuel from the fuel pump through the injector passes through the injector and reaches the injector nozzle.

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